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We at IKON LAW Solicitors not only assist you to book a same day visa appointments for Tier 1, Tier 2, work Prmits, Tier 4, Tier 5, ILR, Spouse visa, Settlement visa and many other categories, but also review your application and represent you before the PEO at the day of the appointment. We specialise in booking Same Day Premium appointments bookings and provide a service on a competitive price.


Stage One: Review of your Application

We add quality to your application for the same day visa premium appointment by assisting you with your application and advising you that you meet all the requirements of the Immigration Rules. When you call us for a same day Premium Appointment, we will review you circumstances and will make sure that you are entitled to the Application that you intend to make and that your application is not invalid


We understand that you can book a same day visa appointment yourself through UKBA website but we do more than just booking an appointment for you. Even before booking an appointment we assess your case free of charge whether are not you can make an application. This way you can be sure that your application meets the Immigration Rules and your application will not be refused on technical grounds.


A real life example of an Invalid application

Recently Mr.S calls our office for same day visa service for his ILR Application for him and his four Dependants. The applicant was required to be registered with the local Police under Appendix 2 of the Immigration Rules. As a routine practice we asked him different question relevant to his application and we find out that he has not endorsed his new passport on the Police Registration certificate. He was not aware of this requirement and if  he would have gone to the PEO by himself without endorsing his new passport on the Police Registration Certificate, his visa would have been automatically refused or his application would have been returned as invalid despite that he meets all others requirements. There was a potential risk that he would have lost thousands of pounds by paying the Home Office in application fees, not to mention all the hassle and cost of travel and rebooking another appointment.


Stage Two: Booking a Same Day Premium Appointment

Once we have initially reviewed your circumstances and make sure that your application is not invalid we will send a request to the PEO in your name to book a same day Premium Appointment. We will require the following information to book and same day visa premium appointment.


Your full name as shown on your passport:


 Gender: (male/female):


 Your Date Of Birth:




 UK Address:


 Mobile Number:


 We will also need the full name and date of birth of all your dependents (if any)


Normally if you need an appointment for same day visa, you must tell us at least 6 weeks in advance, in order to book a guaranteed same day visa booking at UKBA PEO.


We understand that some time it is not possible to call us 5 weeks in advance and therefore, if you call us for a same day visa premium appointment on a short notice, we will still be able to secure a booking for you. We had booked premium appointment for many of our clients on a 7 days notice.


Reasons for choosing a Same Day Visa Premium Appointment:

We understand that sometimes timing is everything that cannot be compromised. If you need a same-day visa service at any UKBA Public enquiry office, we will make sure that a slot is booked for you as soon as possible.


Some time you need to travel abroad and therefore can't risk sending a postal application that will lock you inside the UK without being able to travel abroad for months. A Premium same day visa appointment gives you control and peace of mind and enable you to get your new visa the same day without waiting for months and months as in the case of a postal application.


We also understand that some time your current leave to remain/visa is due to expire and you don’t want to risk sending your visa application and passport by post and then wait for months for your visa. You might be lucky to get a valid visa after a few months. Sometime the Home office returns the application as invalid and the worst thing is it always happens when your current leave to remain would have expired.


This will create a situation where your second application will also be refused by the Home Office being made after your current Leave to Remain/Visa had expired. Obviously this kind of situation could be remedied by the Immigration Tribunal or the High Court but who wants to end up in Court? But this is exactly what happened to an unfortunate student Mr. Kapil  Basnet. Even though he finally won his case in the Immigration Tribunal, but was after a year struggle and thousands of hard earned pounds spent on solicitors.


There might be another reason why would you choose to apply for the same-day visa/premium service. You might need to go abroad in emergency and want to get a fresh visa.


Whatever is your reason we can assist you to book a premium appointment for you within 7 days you instruct us.


Stage Three: Representing you before the PEO

At the day of your appointment a solicitor from our firm will accompany you to the PEO and one of our solicitors will submit your application at the PEO by hand and get a decision on your application the same day. We will make sure that the solicitor deals with any query from the PEO about your application especially if there is a legal issue involved. For example some time it is required to convince the immigration officer to use his or her discretion more favourably to you.


You can call our immigration solicitor dedicated to same day visa services 24 hour a day on his direct office number and on his mobile during out of office hours and on the weekends. Moreover, unlike other solicitors and Immigration consultants, we promise to secure you a booking within 7 days of instructions.


You can book a premium appointment for Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4, Tier 5, ILR, FLR(M), FLR(O), SET(O), SET(M), TOC & NTL - Endorsements applications.

Same-day Visa Appointments Within 2 Days...

* a cancellation fee of £200.00 will be payable if we booked an appointment and you subsequently changed your mind and request a cancellation.

Same Day Visa Service: Applications


Tier 1 General Extension & ILR


Tier 2 all Categories

(Extensions, Change of Employer, ILR)


Tier 4 (General & Child) Student


PBS Dependent Visa


ILR HSMP JR Policy Document


ILR - Marriage, Unmarried Partner, Civil Partner, Domestic Worker,

UK Ancestry


UK Spouse Visa


Unmarried Partner Visa


Civil Partner Visa


TOC Endorsement Application


NTL - Endorsement Application

We discuss your case and tell you whether you can make a same day application

If yes, we agree a fee and book a same day appointment for you at UKBA PEO

We advise on and assist you in preparing your application

One of our solicitors represent you before the PEO on the day of your appointment

You get your passport and visa the same day.

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Tier 2 Super Premium Service New Fast Track Scheme

We are proud to announce that our firm has been registered by the UKBA for a Tier 2 Postal Premium Service New Fast Track Scheme from 03/10/2012.

its simple, we will send your application to UKBA Tier 2 Priority Team and you will get your visa in 10 working Days

                                              Beware of unofficial and bogus Immigration Advisors:


UK visa appointments 'sold for cash' BBC has reported.

UK visa appointments 'sold for cash' BBC has reported.If a person/company is offering you a booking only service, he not only breaking the UKBA rules but is also violating regulations if his/its own Regulatory Authority. BBC has learned that appointments for the UK Border Agency's same-day visa service are being sold by unofficial agents. Using bogus immigration advisors may affect your Immigration application. Always check that the person/company you are dealing with is either a firm of Solicitors or a registered OISC representative. Please note we at Ikon Law provide a full service and do not provide a booking only service. You can book a premium appointment yourself for free at Home office website:

0121 786 1321

079 777 00 137

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