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Sometimes it becomes necessary to evict a tenant from your Property. The law relating to serving a valid eviction notice on the tenant is complex and therefore it is wise to leave it to our experts landlord solicitors. Making sure that a valid eviction notice is served, is extremely important because if you get the eviction notice wrong it will surely impact the Court proceeding and you will end up wasting hundreds of pounds and leaving a hostile tenant in your property for even longer and you have to do everything from the start encluding serving a fresh eviction notice on the tenant.



We charge a flat fee of £299.00 from start to finish and will do the following on your behalf:


•Initial advice and how and which eviction notice to serve:    Free


Our experienced solicitors will provide you free initial consultation and will advice on what steps needs to be taken to evict the tenant and how long it will take.


•Section 21 or Section 8 Eviction Notice        £30.00


We will prepare and serve the relevant eviction notice on the tenant



•ISSUE OF COURT PROCEEDINGS:               £ 249.00


If the tenant chooses not to vacate the property on the after the expiry of the eviction notice, we will prepare and file a claim for possession in the County Court. This is also called tenant eviction proceedings.


•Eviction/Bailiff Proceeding:                          £39.00


After the Court issues an eviction order and the tenant still refuses to leave your property, we will instruct a Court Bailiff to physically evict the tenant.


We can also assist with rent arrears recovery, defending Housing Disrepair Claims and cases involving other breaches by the tenant.



For further information and a no obligation assessment of your tenant eviction matter, please call us now and ask for Mr. Khan.

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